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#369865 - Our conversation came abruptly to an end as Kendra Lead a couple of older looking gentlemen into the room, they smiled as they saw us, girls, especially the one on the right who was clearly eyeing my tits with his deep blue eyes, they both were caucasian men, probably in their mid 40’s, one with a beard and the other cleanly shaven, both had short, dark hair and were of similar height with what could only be described as dad bod physiques. “fuck me, I have a daughter around your age”, he smirked moving his right hand towards my thong covered pussy and begun to lightly run it along my wet slit, “ Is this ok?”, he enquired I nodded my head and leaned back, resting my hands on Ryan’s knees and appreciated the stimulation to my aroused pussy. I closed my eyes to savor the sensations of my teen, cunt being devoured, his technique was sloppy and raw but he made up for it with enthusiasm, in my aroused state I was glad for any relief I could get and Ryan’s mouth was very much appreciated

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