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#63923 - Well i could, and i did, i heard him gasp with surprise, as i slipped first 1 finger then a second finger into my bum hole, and started to get into the same rythm as him, i was getting close to orgasm, and then put another finger in my ass, he followed suite and put a third in my pussy, this tipped me over the edge, and i squeezed my tight pussy on his fingers and cum all over them, when my orgasm stopped i asked him to take his fingers out and put his tongue in there instead, and i pulled my fingers out my bum, i felt his breath on my bum then his tongue in between my lips, and his tongue was licking my juicy pussy, then i felt his fingers pressing against my ass, this started to build me toward orgasm again, i was breathing heavy again and forcing myself on to his face and fingers, all of a sudden he stopped licking me, his fingers came out of my ass and into my pussy, then i felt his thumb against my bum hole, pushing it in, then i felt a hand on my nipple, i was on my way to heaven

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